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WEconnect Recovery Teams with Be Well Texas and UT Health to Help the 1.6 Million Texans Dealing with Substance Use Disorders

By Mark McClennan

Industry-Leading Recovery App to Be Part of New Be Well Texas Virtual Clinic

SEATTLE & SAN ANTONIO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WEconnect Health Management today announced it is teaming with Be Well Texas at UT Health to make its WEconnect Recovery app available to Texans as part of the Be Well Texas provider network and clinical services to treat Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Be Well Texas is expanding access to compassionate care for SUD by changing the way addiction treatment medicine is delivered throughout Texas by offering treatment and support services through telehealth and in-person services. Clinical services are delivered under the supervision of board-certified physicians in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry and are available for all people regardless of their ability to pay.

“WEconnect is a valuable addition to our offerings to help people with substance use challenges and we are excited for our continued relationship with them.”Tweet this

“Texas and UT Health are at the forefront of healthcare innovation,” said WEconnect CEO and co-founder Daniela Luzi Tudor. “UT Health’s new virtual clinic is a great example of how people in Texas can get the best services when they need it, regardless of where they are. WEconnect has taken the same approach to helping people on their recovery journey and liberating them from restrictive solutions that don’t adapt to their schedules.”

WEconnect was founded by individuals in long-term recovery for people in recovery, with the mission to support individuals and their loved ones who live with SUDs and mental health issues. WEconnect Recovery provides free and premium apps and mobile support groups designed to support the more than 70 million Americans dealing with substance misuse and mental health issues.

“Substance Use Disorder is one of the most significant issues of our time, and we are committed to finding ways to leverage technology to help all Texans grappling with the issue,” said Dr. Jennifer Potter, vice president for research (interim) and professor of psychiatry at UT Health San Antonio. “WEconnect is a valuable addition to our offerings to help people with substance use challenges and we are excited for our continued relationship with them.”

WEconnect Recovery looks at the recovery journey in a new way and enables members to build and track recovery routines for support and self-care as well as offer suggested routines; mobile support meetings led by peer counselors throughout the day; specialized support meetings; and a rewards program that incentivizes Medicaid members for building habits that support their recovery and reaching recovery milestones.

WEconnect provides a new approach to recovery that delivers proven results. A 6-month 2019 study of 190 Pennsylvania Medicaid members showed that use of the WEconnect app was associated with a 35% higher adherence in filling medication-assisted treatment (MAT) prescriptions and a 76% higher rate of primary care provider (PCP) engagement.

About WEconnect Health Management

WEconnect Health Management is a healthcare technology startup focused on solving the biggest public health crisis of our time: substance use disorder. WEconnect Health’s suite of healthcare technology products includes an app which is the first of its kind in the digital healthcare space, providing evidence-based recovery techniques to reduce relapse rates, save lives and support healthy communities. For more information on WEconnect Health, visit our website.